Space Truckers (1996)

95 min.
Plot  At a corporation's base on the Neptunian moon Triton, soldiers — mercenaries — are setting up a defense perimeter to try to hold off an unstoppable cyborg warrior. Inside the base, the commander, Nabel, seals himself inside the control room. The cyborg destroys the soldiers' tank and then attacks a helicopter — which crashes into the base and the control room. The soldiers are killed one by one, until Nabel finally deactivates the cyborg with a remote control. The remaining corporate employees discover that the cyborg was created by company owner E.J. Saggs. Saggs arrives at the base just as the battle ends, and takes the remote from Nabel. He reactivates the cyborg and orders it to kill Nabel.

Meanwhile, John Canyon, one of the last independent "space truckers", drops off his cargo at a "truck stop" space station, but becomes embroiled in a brawl with the trucking company head, Keller, who is sucked out into space. He and his two passengers - Cindy, a waitress who has promise...



Dennis Hopper
John Canyon
Debi Mazar
Stephen Dorff
Mike Pucci
Charles Dance
George Wendt
Vernon Wells
Mr. Cutt
Shane Rimmer
E.J. Saggs


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Space Truckers
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