Judgment Night (1993)

109 min.
Plot  Frank Wyatt (Emilio Estevez), along with his brother John (Stephen Dorff) and friend Mike Peterson (Cuba Gooding Jr.) set out to see a professional boxing match in Chicago with their friend Ray Cochran (Jeremy Piven), who is testing out a lavish RV.

Stuck in traffic, Ray decides to save time by exiting the expressway and searching for a shortcut through a poor residential neighborhood. The four friends are alarmed when they hit a man named Teddy (Michael DeLorenzo), who they take into the RV. They find that he has been shot, and that he has a paper bag filled with money. The group sees a police car and begins pursuing it.

They are unable to catch up and their RV is side-swiped by a Cadillac. The impact forces them into a narrow alleyway, leaving the RV stuck between two brick walls and unable to start. Moments later, three unknown men shatter the back window and drag Teddy out. Still inside the RV, the four friends witness gang leader Fallon (Denis Leary) shoot and ki...



Emilio Estevez
Frank Wyatt
Cuba Gooding Jr.
Mike Peterson
Denis Leary
Stephen Dorff
John Wyatt
Jeremy Piven
Ray Cochran
Peter Greene


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Judgment Night
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