Always Remember I Love You (1990) / TV

95 min.
Plot  Shortly after Robert Mendham (played by Stephen Dorff) turns 16, he finds out from his parents (David Birney and Joan Van Ark) that he was not only adopted, but stolen from his childhood home (a fact unknown by his parents until that time).

He then runs away from home to search for his biological parents and ends up in a small town in Ohio where, using the public library files, he tracks down his mother Ruth Monroe (Patty Duke) and father Earl (Richard Masur). He then manages to befriend his biological brother and get taken in as a runaway by them, while trying to find out where he belongs, all the while keeping his true identity from them.




Patty Duke
Ruth Monroe
Stephen Dorff
Robert Mendham
Richard Masur
Earl Monroe
David Birney
Philip Mendham
Sam Wanamaker
Grandfather Mendham


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Always Remember I Love You
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