I Know My First Name Is Steven (1989) / Miniseries

Plot  Steven Stayner, a seven year-old boy, is kidnapped by Kenneth, a man caught up in his isolation and loneliness, finding that the only solution to the problem is to claim a boy for his own. Once he, with the help of his partner in crime, Irving Murphy, manages to follow through with his plan, he immediately begins to "groom" and bribe Steven to desire to stay with him. Steven, however, despite protesting against Kenneth, saying that he wanted to go home, had no choice in the matter. As the sexual abuse happened for the first time, Steven moaned, "leave me alone," and Kenneth responded by continuing his acts saying, "Don't be afraid." These acts of molestation, child rape, and holding photos of Steven naked, continued for seven years.

It wasn't until Steven was fourteen, that the abuse was disclosed, and he was rescued from his perpetrator. Because Kenneth kidnapped another young child, a boy named Timmy, Steven built up the courage to prevent Timmy from going through the same t...



Cindy Pickett
Kay Stayner
John Ashton
Del Stayner
Corin Nemec
Steven Stayner / Dennis Parnell
Pruitt Taylor Vince
Irving Murphy
Ray Walston
Bob Augustine
Gregg Henry
Officer Kean
Barbara Tarbuck
School Counselor
Arliss Howard
Kenneth Parnell (uncredited)
Beth Grant
Mrs. Beta


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I Know My First Name Is Steven
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