The Art of Getting By (2011)

84 min.
Plot  George (Freddie Highmore) is an alienated and artistic high school senior. He has stopped doing homework because it seems meaningless to him. He is put on academic probation. One day he goes up to the school roof, where he sees Sally (Emma Roberts) smoking. When a teacher appears, George pulls out a cigarette and lets himself to be caught instead of her. Sally goes to thank him and although at first he is reluctant to talk, they become friends. On career day, George meets a young artist, Dustin, and finds him inspiring. He brings Sally with him to visit Dustin and it becomes apparent that Dustin finds Sally attractive. Sally invites George to a New Year's Eve party. At the party, she dances with an ex-boyfriend and George gets drunk, goes outside, throws up, and falls asleep in an alley. Sally finds him there and takes him to her place, putting him to bed on a pull-out next to her bed. They grow close and George gets more involved in school.

On Valentine's Day, the two go out ...



Freddie Highmore
George Zinavoy
Emma Roberts
Sally Howe
Michael Angarano
Dustin Heath
Alicia Silverstone
Ms. Herman
Rita Wilson
Vivian Sargent
Blair Underwood
Principal Bill Martinson
Elizabeth Reaser
Charlotte Howe
Sam Robards
John Sargent
Marcus Carl Franklin
Will Sharpe
Sasha Spielberg
Zoe Rubenstein
Jarlath Conroy
Harris McElroy


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The Art of Getting By
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