Hotel for Dogs (2009)

100 min.
Plot  While in Central City, Louisiana, orphans Andi (Emma Roberts) and Bruce (Jake T. Austin) manage to sell a rock in a box to a pawn shop for twenty-seven dollars and buy some burgers, in order to feed their dog, Friday, a Jack Russell Terrier. However, they are quickly caught and marched off to the police station, where their social worker, Bernie Wilkins (Don Cheadle) picks them up and takes them back to their foster parents, Lois and Carl Scudder (Lisa Kudrow and Kevin Dillon, respectively), who appear not to care for either Andi or Bruce. When the two demand to know where their foster children have been, Bernie covers for them, telling them that it was his fault they were late. Despite his sympathies towards the two siblings, he warns them that they are playing a dangerous game by deliberately getting into trouble in order to escape Carl and Lois, since they could get fostered separately, something that both orphans are desperate to avoid. During Bernie's visit, Friday returns home an...  



Kyla Pratt
Don Cheadle
Bernie Wilkins
Robinne Lee
Carol Wilkins
Lisa Kudrow
Lois Scudder
Kevin Dillon
Carl Scudder
Yvette Nicole Brown
Ms. Camwell
Gregory Sporleder
ACO Herb Dooley
Ajay Naidu
ACO Jake
Maximiliano Hernández
Officer Mike


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Hotel for Dogs
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