Nancy Drew (2007)

99 min.
Plot  Nancy Drew (Emma Roberts) and her widowed father, Carson Drew (Tate Donovan), move from River Heights for only a few months and rent a house in California, where Carson has a temporary job. Nancy chose their California house because it was the home of Dehlia Draycott, a murdered movie star based on Natalie Wood whose case has never been solved. Despite the mystery, Nancy's father has forbidden her from further sleuthing and encourages her to focus on high school and being normal. Nancy struggles to fit in at her new school, only befriending a younger boy, Corky (Josh Flitter). She realizes that the sleuthing world is the only place she fits in and decides to solve the Draycott mystery. In the Draycott mansion, she discovers a letter that Draycott wrote to an unknown "Z", who was supposedly Draycott's love interest. From photographs of Draycott before her death, she figures out that just before her death, Draycott had a child and gave it up for adoption in privacy. She learns that the c...  



Emma Roberts
Nancy Drew
Josh Flitter
Corky Veinshtein
Max Thieriot
Ned Nickerson
Rachael Leigh Cook
Jane Brighton
Tate Donovan
Carson Drew
Marshall Bell
John Leshing
Laura Harring
Dehlia Draycott
Barry Bostwick
Dashiel Zachary Biedermeyer
Caroline Aaron
Barbara Barbara
Kay Panabaker
George Fayne


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Nancy Drew
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