Doom (2005)

105 min.
Plot  In the year 2046, a research facility on Mars is suddenly attacked by an unknown assailant. Following a distress call sent by Dr. Todd Carmack, a group of marines, led by Asher "Sarge" Mahonin, is sent on a search-and-rescue mission. One of the Marines, John "Reaper" Grimm, accompanies his sister, Dr. Samantha Grimm, to one of the labs within the devastated sector to retrieve data; here he learns that the dig site where their parents were accidentally killed was re-opened and bones of an ancient group of genetically enhanced race were discovered.

While searching for survivors, the Marines come across one, Dr. Carmack, who is taken to a medical room for examination. The Marines then come across a creature that leads them down to the facility's sewer. One of the Marines, Eric "Goat" Fantom, is killed during their pursuit, along with the creature. Goat and the creature are taken to the medical room. One of the Marines, Gregory "Duke" Schofield stays behind with Sam and they are ...



Karl Urban
Staff Sergeant John "Reaper" Grimm
Dwayne Johnson
Gunnery Sergeant Asher "Sarge" Mahonin
Rosamund Pike
Dr. Samantha Grimm
Raz Adoti
Sergeant Gregory "Duke" Schofield
Richard Brake
Corporal Dean Portman
Dexter Fletcher
Marcus "Pinky" Pinzerowski
Al Weaver
Private Mark "The Kid" Dantalian
Ben Daniels
Corporal Eric "Goat" Fantom
Deobia Oparei
Sergeant Roark "Destroyer" Gannon
Brian Steele
Hell Knight / Curtis Stahl
Doug Jones
Carmack Imp / Willits Imp


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