Saw (2004)

7.25 / Rated by 4 people

103 min.
Plot  Adam Stanheight, a photographer, awakens in a bathtub in a large industrial bathroom. He gets out and finds himself chained at the ankle to a pipe. Dr. Lawrence Gordon, an oncologist, is chained to a pipe across the room, and between them lies a corpse, holding a revolver and a microcassette recorder. They each find a tape in their pocket, and Adam manages to retrieve the recorder. Adam's tape instructs him to escape the bathroom or he will die where he sits, and Lawrence's tape instructs him to kill Adam before six o'clock or not only will he die where he sits, but Alison and Diana, his wife and daughter, will die as well. Using a clue at the end of the tape, Adam finds a bag in the toilet tank containing two hacksaws, which they use to try cutting through their chains. Adam's saw breaks, and he throws it at the mirror in frustration. Lawrence realizes the hacksaws are meant for their feet and tells Adam that they have been captured by the Jigsaw Killer, who Lawrence is aware of becau...  



Cary Elwes
Dr. Lawrence Gordon
Leigh Whannell
Adam Stanheight
Tobin Bell
John Kramer
Danny Glover
David Tapp
Monica Potter
Alison Gordon
Michael Emerson
Zep Hindle
Ken Leung
Detective Steven Sing
Makenzie Vega
Diana Gordon
Shawnee Smith
Amanda Young
Dina Meyer
Detective Allison Kerry
Ned Bellamy
Jeff Ridenhour


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