Those Lips, Those Eyes (1980)

105 min.
Plot  In the early 1950s, a star-struck Ohio boy, Artie Shoemaker, skips school to work behind the scenes for a touring stock theatrical company.

Inept at his job, Artie is nearly fired until the star of the show, Harry Crystal, takes a liking to him and takes the kid under his wing. Artie becomes smitten with one of the attractive chorus girls from the show, Ramona, a worldly young woman who provides his sexual initiation. But soon the show must move on to another town, leaving Artie alone with his dreams.




Frank Langella
Harry Crystal
Tom Hulce
Artie Shoemaker
Jerry Stiller
Mr. Shoemaker
Herbert Berghof
Dr. Julius Fuldauer
Kevin McCarthy
Mickey Bellinger
Joseph Maher
Fibby Geyer
George Morfogen
Sherman Sprat


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Those Lips, Those Eyes
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