See Spot Run (2001)

97 min.
Plot  Agent 11 is a crime-fighting bullmastiff used by the FBI; he partners with his master Murdoch in Seattle. As they go after the Mafia boss, Sonny Talia, the dog attacks him and rips off one of his testicles. Talia is taken to the hospital to have it surgically replaced. As payback, he sends his two bodyguards, Gino and Arliss, out to kill Agent 11. For protection, the dog is sent to a training facility in Alaska.

After Agent 11 escapes, he meets Gordon Smith (David Arquette), who works as a mailman. The mailman dislikes dogs and has volunteered to take care of James, the young son of his neighbor Stephanie (Leslie Bibb). Gino and Arliss have continued their search for the dog. Agent 11, whom James names "Spot" doesn't want to catch balls or frisbees because Murdoch told him not to play when he was a puppy, but he eventually starts to play with the boy James and Gordon like a normal dog. Later, Gino and Arliss try to kill the dog while he is with Gordon and James at a pet store,...



David Arquette
Gordon Smith
Paul Sorvino
Sonny Talia
Leslie Bibb
Anthony Anderson
Benny Washington
Constance Marie
The Neighbor (uncredited)
Kavan Smith


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See Spot Run
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