SubUrbia (1996)

120 min.
Plot  Set in the suburban neighborhood of "Burnfield" in Austin, Texas, five young adults are in the daily habit of hanging out by a garbage dumpster on the corner of a local convenience store, occasionally taunting the foreign clerk, Nazeer Choudhury, who works there. The film's main character, Jeff, is an aimless soul unsure of his future. Jeff is dating Sooze, who has expressed the desire to leave Burnfield and become an artist. Jeff's best friends are Buff, and Tim, a troubled young honorably discharged military man who drinks too much and has a knack for shooting his mouth off. Sooze's friend Bee Bee is a recovering alcoholic who is invited to join the group.

One evening, an old friend of theirs, Pony, now a rock star, shows up looking to reconnect with them. Most of the group is glad to see him, although some of them are bitter and jealous of his recent success. Through actions and conversations they all contemplate what they want to do with the rest of their lives in this Gen...



Ajay Naidu
Nazeer Choudhury
Parker Posey
Steve Zahn
Samia Shoaib
Pakeesa Choudhury


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