Kidnapped (1960)

97 min.
Plot  In eighteenth century Scotland, young David Balfour (James MacArthur) is directed by his recently deceased father's letter to go to the House of Shaws, where he is greeted without much enthusiasm by his miserly uncle Ebenezer (John Laurie). An attempt to arrange a fatal accident makes it clear that Ebenezer has no affection for his nephew. Since David is not sufficiently on his guard, he accompanies Ebenezer to a meeting with a seafaring business associate, Captain Hoseason (Bernard Lee). The captain lures David aboard his ship and shanghais him, at Ebenezer's instigation.

At sea, David learns that he is to be sold into indentured servitude. However, a thick fog comes up and the ship collides with a boat. Alan Breck Stewart (Peter Finch), the only survivor of the latter, is brought aboard and pays for his passage, but the greedy captain plots to kill him for the rest of his money. David warns Alan, and the two are able to overcome the murderous crew. Alan coerces Hoseason into...



Peter Finch
Allan Breck Stewart
Bernard Lee
Captain Hoseason
Peter O'Toole
Robin MacGregor
Edie Martin
The woman on the bridge
Richard Evans
Ransome (uncredited)


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