How to Steal a Million (1966)

123 min.
Plot  Charles Bonnet is a highly skilled art forger who pretends to be an art collector. His daughter Nicole disapproves of his forgeries and is afraid that he may get caught. At the beginning of the film, he loans a renowned statue of Cellini's Venus to the Kléber-Lafayette Museum as the centerpiece of an important upcoming exhibition. However, the statue had been made by Nicole's grandfather and would fail even a basic materials analysis.

That night, while Charles is at the exhibition's opening event, Nicole hears a noise. She finds Simon Dermott holding a Van Gogh that her father made recently. Believing him to be a burglar, she aims a gun at him and accidentally shoots him. She does not call the police to avoid an investigation around the fake masterpiece, so she cleans Simon's wound and drives him to his hotel, and he kisses her goodbye outside the building.

Some time later, Nicole is having dinner with wealthy American tycoon, Davis Leland. She is suspicious of Davis,...



Audrey Hepburn
Nicole Bonnet
Peter O'Toole
Simon Dermott
Hugh Griffith
Charles Bonnet
Eli Wallach
Davis Leland
Jacques Marin
Head of Security


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How to Steal a Million
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