Goodbye, Mr. Chips (1969)

152 min.
155 min.
Plot  Terence Rattigan's screenplay is a major departure from the simple plot of Hilton's novella. The time frame of the original story was advanced by several decades, starting in the 1920s, continuing through the Second World war, and ending in the late 1960s. Also, it does not show Chipping's first arrival at the Brookfield School, but starts with him already an established member of the teaching staff.

While Arthur Chipping remains a stodgy teacher of Latin, disliked by his students, Katherine Bridges has been transformed into a music hall soubrette who first meets Chips in the dining room of the Savoy Hotel in London on the eve of his summer holiday. Dissatisfied with her career and depressed by her romantic entanglements, she sets sail on a Mediterranean cruise and is reunited with Chips by chance in Pompeii. Seeing in him a lonely soul similar to herself, she arranges an evening at the theater after they return to England, and the two find themselves drawn to each other. When...



Peter O'Toole
Arthur Chipping
Michael Redgrave
Brookfield Headmaster
Siân Phillips
Ursula Mossbank
George Baker
Lord Sutterwick
Jack Hedley
William Baxter


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Goodbye, Mr. Chips
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