Stranger in Our House (1978) / TV

Plot  The story concerns a young woman named Julia (Lee Purcell) who goes to live with her aunt's family after she loses both her parents and their housekeeper in a car crash. Although they haven't seen her in ten years, Julia's aunt Leslie, her husband Tom (Jeremy Slate), her son Peter (Jeff East), daughter Rachel (Linda Blair) and youngest son Bobby (James Jarnigan) are all eager to make the new member of the house feel welcome. Rachel is especially thrilled at the thought of having a girl her age around the house. She even offers to split her bedroom with the cousin. Julia seems painfully shy. The family takes note of her strange accent. It's not the way most people who live on the east coast speak. Trying to open up a bit, Julia gets a makeover and develops a more sophisticated façade.

One day, Rachel's horse Sundance attacks Julia and tries to trample her. Julia recovers and begins insinuating herself into the family. Rachel's brother and dad seem particularly taken with the fe...



Linda Blair
Rachel Bryant
Lee Purcell
Julia Grant / Sarah Brown / Susan Peterson
Jeremy Slate
Tom Bryant
Macdonald Carey
Professor Jarvis
Fran Drescher
Carolyn Baker
Billy Beck


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Stranger in Our House
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