The Serpent and the Rainbow (1988)

98 min.
Plot  In 1978, a Haitian man named Christophe (Conrad Roberts) mysteriously dies in a French missionary clinic, while outside a voodoo parade marches past his window with a burning coffin. The next morning, Christophe is buried in a traditional Catholic funeral, at which his sister cries over his body and prays for his soul. Onlooking is a mysterious black man dressed in a suit who was also outside Christophe's hospital window on the night he died. As the coffin is lowered into the ground, Christophe's eyes open and tears roll down his cheeks.

Seven years later, Dennis Alan (an ethnobotanist and anthropologist from Harvard University) narrowly escapes the Amazon Jungle and returns to Boston after acquiring rare herbs and medicines from a local shaman. During his ordeal, Alan drinks a hallucinogenic potion and experiences a horrifying image of the same black man from Christophe's funeral, surrounded by corpses in a bottomless pit. Alan also sees his totem jaguar spirit which leads h...



Bill Pullman
Dennis Alan
Michael Gough
Paul Guilfoyle
Andrew Cassedy
Dey Young
Deborah Cassedy
Zakes Mokae
Dargent Peytraud
Paul Winfield
Lucien Celine
Brent Jennings
Louis Mozart
Badja Djola
William Newman
French Missionary Doctor


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The Serpent and the Rainbow
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