Night Visions (1990) / TV

Plot  The film opens with Ray sitting in a club angrily watching Aura dancing provocatively with other men in the club. Ray angrily removes her from the dance floor and after a short fight she storms out to take the car home. In the parking lot she is choked to death with a hose then left on the ground with her legs spread apart.

The papers report that the "Spread-Eagle Killer" has struck a fourth time and Ray is brought in as a suspect for questioning, during which he is treated roughly by an overly suspicious Sergeant Thomas Mackey. The extremely intuitive Dr. Sally Powers, a specialist in criminal psychopathology, is brought in to give insight into the mind of the killer. Mackey is allowed to forego a ten-day suspension and to continue to work on the case if he agrees to supervise Dr. Powers. At the scene of the next murder Dr. Powers writhes on the floor in the tape outline of the victim and announces that the victim was raped. That night in bed Dr. Powers relives a murder she s...



James Remar
Sergeant Thomas Mackey
Penny Johnson
Francis X. McCarthy
Commissioner Nathan Dowd
Mitch Pileggi
Captain Keller
Jon Tenney


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Night Visions
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