New Nightmare (1994)

112 min.
Plot  Heather Langenkamp lives in Los Angeles with her husband Chase and her young son Dylan, and she has become quite popular due to her role as Nancy Thompson from the ''Nightmare on Elm Street'' film series. One night, she has a nightmare in which she, Dylan, and Chase are attacked by animated Krueger claws of an upcoming ''Nightmare'' film in which two of the workers are brutally murdered on set. Waking up to an earthquake, she spies a cut on Chase's finger exactly like one he had received in his dream, but they quickly dismiss the notion.

Heather receives a call from an obsessed fan who calls and quotes Freddy's nursery rhyme in an eerie Freddy-like voice. This coincides with a meeting she has with New Line Cinema in which she is pitched an idea to reprise her role as Nancy in a new ''Nightmare'' film, which Chase had been working on, unknown to her at the time. When she returns home, she sees Dylan watch her original film. When she interrupts him, he has a severely traumatizing ...



Robert Englund
Himself / Freddy Krueger
Miko Hughes
Dylan Porter
John Saxon
Himself / Lt. Donald Thompson
Wes Craven
W. Earl Brown
Morgue attendant
Lin Shaye
Nurse with pills
Jsu Garcia


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New Nightmare
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