Longtime Companion (1989)

96 min.
Plot  ''Longtime Companion'' chronicles the first years of the AIDS epidemic as seen through its impact on several gay men and the straight sister of one of them. The film is split into several sections identified by dates.

July 3, 1981

Willy (Campbell Scott) a personal trainer, and his friend John (Dermot Mulroney) are spending time with affluent gay couple David (Bruce Davison) and Sean (Mark Lamos) at their beach house on Fire Island for the 4th of July. Sean is a screenwriter for the popular daytime soap opera ''Other People'' and David comes from a blue blood background and has a large trust fund. Back in the city, Howard (Patrick Cassidy) is preparing to audition for Sean's soap. His boyfriend is Paul (John Dossett) a business executive and their next-door neighbor is Lisa (Mary-Louise Parker) an antiques dealer, whose brother Fuzzy (Stephen Caffrey), is a lawyer who represents Howard.

That morning, ''The New York Times'' publishes its first article ab...



Dan Butler
Tony Shalhoub
Paul's Doctor
David Drake
GMHC Volunteer


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