The Five Senses (1999)

106 min.
Plot  ''The Five Senses'' is about interconnected stories linked by a building which examine situations involving the five senses. '''Touch''' is represented by Ruth Seraph, a massage therapist who is treating Anna Miller. Ruth's daughter Rachel accidentally loses Anna's pre-school daughter, Amy Lee, in the park, when Rachel is distracted by the sight of a couple making love in the woods. Rachel meets a voyeur named Rupert ('''vision'''), and they become friends as fellow outsiders while he teaches her the pleasure of observing others. They eventually go to one of Rachel's hiding places, where she has him dress like a woman.

Meanwhile, Ruth tries to help Anna cope with the disappearance of Amy Lee and stays the night at her home. Robert, a professional housecleaner, has an acute sense of '''smell''', and seeks out the people he used to see to absorb their scents and see if he can smell any feeling for him or why they stopped caring for him. His professional clients include his friends...



Gabrielle Rose
Ruth Seraph
Molly Parker
Anna Miller
Philippe Volter
Dr. Richard Jacob
Nadia Litz
Rachel Seraph


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The Five Senses
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