Creator (1985)

107 min.
Plot  Dr. Harry Wolper is an eccentric medical professor teaching at a small southern California college who is obsessed with making a clone of his wife Lucy who died in childbirth 30 years earlier. Harry hires Boris Lafkin, a struggling pre-med student as his personal assistant to help him with his experiments by obtaining lab equipment and working in his backyard shed in exchange for which Harry gives Boris love life advice in courting an attractive coed named Barbara whom slowly becomes smitten with Boris. To continue his research into cloning, Harry meets and employes a young woman, named Meli, who practically moves in with him on an agreement to contribute her ovary sample as part of the cloning progress. Meli slowly falls for the much older Harry whom begins to question his ethics and vision of true love. Meanwhile, a rival of Harry's, fellow medical professor Dr. Sid Kuhlenbeck, tries to investigate and hinder Harry's cloning plans as part of a ploy to remove Harry from the university...  



Peter O'Toole
Dr. Harry Wolper
Vincent Spano
Boris Lafkin
Virginia Madsen
Barbara Spencer
David Ogden Stiers
Dr. Sid Kuhlenbeck
Rance Howard
Mr. Spencer
Ellen Geer
Mrs. Spencer
Jeff Corey
Dean Harrington
Eve McVeagh
Woman with monkey
William Bassett
Dr. Sutter


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