Gulliver's Travels (1996) / Miniseries

Plot  Part 1

The story begins on the night that Lemuel Gulliver (Ted Danson) arrives back at home. Gulliver imagines for a moment that he is back on the shipwreck that started his travels. Meanwhile, Gulliver is found by his wife Mary (Mary Steenburgen) and son Tom (Tom Sturridge) on the horse stable the next day. He then proceeds to tell his story (which is narrated in flashbacks as Gulliver begins telling his tale) starting back to the day of the shipwreck and the famous arrival of Gulliver to Lilliput, an island consisting of tiny people.

Gulliver continues to explain the strange customs of Lilliput, such as the naming of officials by doing rituals such as the jumping over and going under a stick held by the Emperor of Lilliput (Peter O'Toole). Gulliver is then presented to the Empress of Lilliput (Phoebe Nicholls) and is asked to fight a war against the enemy country of Blefuscu. Gulliver then accepts and wins the war in order to show gratitude towards the Lilliputia...



Ted Danson
Lemuel Gulliver
Mary Steenburgen
Mary Gulliver
Tom Sturridge
Tom Gulliver
James Fox
Dr. Bates
Peter O'Toole
King of Lilliput
Omar Sharif
Alfre Woodard
Queen of Brobdingnag
John Gielgud
Professor of Light
Ned Beatty
Farmer Grultrud
Kate Maberly
Geraldine Chaplin
Empress Munodi
Edward Fox
General Limtoc
Warwick Davis
Phoebe Nicholls
Empress of Lilliput
Robert Hardy
Dr Parnell
Kristin Scott Thomas
Immortal Gatekeeper
Isabelle Huppert
Houyhnhnm Mistress
John Standing
Admiral Bolgolam
Richard Wilson
Professor of Language


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