Lassie (2005)

100 min.
Plot  Sam Carraclough, a miner who struggles to earn enough money to feed his family, sells the family's collie, Lassie, to the Duke of Rudling, leaving his young son heartbroken over the loss of his canine companion. The film follows Lassie on the collie's 500-mile journey from the Duke of Rudling's estate in the Scottish Highlands to the Carraclough home.

At the very beginning of the film, a fox is shown being driven by some hunting dogs and somehow escapes by one kindhearted miner, Sam Carraclough. At this phase Lassie is introduced. Lassie is the dog of little boy, Joe, the son of Sam. Once coal-mine is closed down and Sam loses his job. To survive from poverty, Sam sells Lassie to the Duke. But absence and loss of Lassie breaks Joe's heart. Even Lassie is eager to return to Joe. Lassie uses many tricks to escape from the hand of Hynes who's employed to take care of Duke's pet dogs. Several times Lassie can escape from the cage and get back to Joe. But remembering the deal with ...



Jonathan Mason
Joe Carraclough
Peter O'Toole
The Duke of Rudling
Samantha Morton
Sarah Carraclough
John Lynch
Sam Carraclough
Edward Fox
Colonel Hulton


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