The First Deadly Sin (1980)

112 min.
Plot  New York police Captain Edward X. Delaney is at the scene of a brutal murder when news comes that his hospitalized wife's kidney illness has worsened after an operation. Approaching retirement, with a growing depression in the face of his wife's condition, Delaney throws himself into the murder case. He is fascinated by a crime committed with what seems to be a very unusual weapon.

Delaney tries to cross-reference the recent killing with other murders in various parts of the city, looking for a common link. A lack of solid leads leaves Delaney at loose ends until he recruits assistance from an enthusiastic museum curator, a coroner, and the victim's wife.

The investigation leads Delaney to a man named Blank, a seemingly normal businessman who is leading a secret life. Delaney uses psychological warfare in an attempt to trap the killer, all while the condition of the policeman's wife deteriorates by the hour.




Frank Sinatra
Edward X. Delaney
Faye Dunaway
Barbara Delaney
David Dukes
Daniel Blank
James Whitmore
Dr. Ferguson
Brenda Vaccaro
Monica Gilbert
Martin Gabel
Christopher Langley
Anthony Zerbe
Captain Broughton
George Coe
Dr. Bernardi
Joe Spinell
Charles Lipsky
Jeffrey DeMunn
Sergeant Correlli
Bruce Willis
Man Entering Diner (uncredited)


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The First Deadly Sin
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