Dunston Checks In (1996)

5.0 / Rated by 1 people

88 min.
Plot  Lionel Spalding (Glenn Shadix) arrives at the Majestic Hotel, a 5-star Hotel, when he ends up accidentally being hosed by Kyle (Eric Lloyd) and Brian (Graham Sack), much to the stress and frustration of the hotel manager and the boys' father Robert Grant (Jason Alexander), who is disappointed with the boys but they are guaranteed a vacation afterwards, only to be forced to delay the trip for a third time by the ruthless hotel owner, Elena Dubrow (Faye Dunaway), due to the upcoming Crystal Ball where one of the guests is revealed to be a critic from the Le Monde Traveller Organization who they hope will reward the Majestic with a sixth star.

At that moment, "Lord" Rutledge (Rupert Everett) a jewel thief (who is thought to be the critic by Mrs. Dubrow), arrives with an orangutan named Dunston, intending to steal the guests' jewelry. Dunston and his deceased brother Samson were both trained in thievery their whole lives. Now Dunston has been wanting to escape from Rutledge's poor...



Eric Lloyd
Kyle Grant
Jason Alexander
Robert Grant
Faye Dunaway
Elena Dubrow
Rupert Everett
Lord Rutledge
Paul Reubens
Buck LaFarge
Nathan Davis
Victor Dubrow


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Dunston Checks In
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