The American Friend (1977)

7.5 / Rated by 2 people

127 min.
Plot  Tom Ripley (Dennis Hopper) is a wealthy American living in Hamburg, Germany. He is involved in an artwork forgery scheme, in which he appears at auctions to bid on forged paintings produced by an accomplice and artificially drives up the price. At one of these auctions, he is introduced to Jonathan Zimmermann (Bruno Ganz), a picture framer who is dying of leukemia. Zimmermann refuses to shake Ripley's hand when introduced, coldly saying "I've heard of you" before walking away.

A French criminal named Raoul Minot (Gérard Blain) asks Ripley to murder a rival gangster. Ripley declines, but in order to get even for Zimmermann's slight, suggests Minot use Zimmermann for the job. Ripley spreads rumors that Zimmerman's illness has become suddenly far more serious. Minot offers Zimmerman a great deal of money to kill the gangster. Zimmermann initially turns Minot down, but becomes greatly distressed by the thought that he may not have long to live and wants to provide for his wife and s...



Dennis Hopper
Tom Ripley
Bruno Ganz
Jonathan Zimmermann
Lisa Kreuzer
Marianne Zimmermann
Gérard Blain
Raoul Minot
Nicholas Ray
Samuel Fuller
The American
Lou Castel


All Titles

Der Amerikanische Freund
German Original Title
The American Friend
English Title

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montbravo rated Der Amerikanische Freund (1977) with 7.0 stars / 11.05.2016

Onur rated Der Amerikanische Freund (1977) with 8.0 stars / 10.05.2016

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