Zorba the Greek (1964)

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142 min.
Plot  Basil (Alan Bates) is a half-English, half-Greek writer raised in Britain who bears the hallmarks of an uptight, middle-class Englishman. He is waiting at the Athens port of Piraeus on mainland Greece to catch a boat to Crete when he meets a gruff, yet enthusiastic peasant and musician named Zorba (Anthony Quinn). Basil explains to Zorba that he is traveling to a rural Cretan village where his father owns some land, with the intention of reopening a lignite mine and perhaps curing his writer's block. Zorba relates his experience with mining and convinces Basil to take him along.

When they arrive at Crete, they take a car to the village where they are greeted enthusiastically by the town's impoverished peasant community. They stay with an old French war widow and cortesan named Madame Hortense (Lila Kedrova) in her self-styled "Hotel Ritz". The audacious Zorba tries to persuade Basil into making a move on the much older Madame Hortense, but when he is understandably reluctant, ...



Anthony Quinn
Alexis Zorba
Alan Bates
Irene Papas
George P. Cosmatos
Acne Faced Boy


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Alexis Zorbas
Unknown Language Original Title
Zorba the Greek
English Title

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