The Train (1964)

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140 min.
Plot  In 1944, art masterpieces stolen by the Wehrmacht from French museums are being shipped to Germany; the officer in charge of the operation, Colonel Franz von Waldheim (Paul Scofield), is an ardent art lover and is determined to take the art to Germany, no matter the cost. After the Germans remove the art chosen by Waldheim from the Jeu de Paume Museum, curator Mademoiselle Villard (Suzanne Flon) seeks help from the French Resistance. Given the imminent liberation of Paris by the Allies, they need only delay the train for a few days—still, it is a dangerous operation and it must be done in such a way that does not risk damaging the priceless cargo.

Although Resistance cell leader and SNCF area inspector Paul Labiche (Burt Lancaster) initially rejects the plan, telling Mlle. Villard and senior Resistance leader Spinet (Paul Bonifas) "I won't waste lives on paintings", he has a change of heart after a cantankerous elderly engineer, Papa Boule (Michel Simon), is executed for tryin...


Burt Lancaster
Paul Labiche
Paul Scofield
Col. Franz von Waldheim
Jeanne Moreau
Charles Millot
Richard Münch
Gen. von Lubitz
Jacques Marin
Arthur Brauss
Lt. Pilzer
Howard Vernon
Capt. Dietrich


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The Train
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