Anatomy of a Murder (1959)

8.33 / Rated by 3 people

160 min.
Plot  In the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, small-town lawyer Paul Biegler (James Stewart), a former district attorney who lost his re-election bid, spends most of his time fishing, playing the piano and hanging out with his alcoholic friend and colleague Parnell McCarthy (Arthur O'Connell) and sardonic secretary Maida Rutledge (Eve Arden).

One day Biegler is contacted by Laura Manion (Lee Remick), wife of the loutish US Army Lieutenant Frederick "Manny" Manion (Ben Gazzara), who has been arrested for the first degree murder of innkeeper Barney Quill. Manion does not deny the murder, but claims that his wife was raped by Quill. Even with such a motivation, it would be difficult to get Manion cleared of murder, but Manion claims to have no memory of the event, suggesting that he may be eligible for a defense of irresistible impulse—a version of a temporary insanity defense.

As he sets about preparing his case, Biegler finds Laura Manion dancing with army officers at a party. H...



James Stewart
Paul Biegler
Lee Remick
Laura Manion
Ben Gazzara
Lt. Frederick Manion
Kathryn Crosby
Mary Pilant
George C. Scott
Asst. State Atty. Gen. Claude Dancer
Orson Bean
Dr. Matthew Smith
Murray Hamilton
Alphonse Paquette


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Anatomy of a Murder
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