Seven Days in May (1964)

118 min.
Plot  The time, for readers and film audiences of the early 1960s, is the near future. The exact year is left unclear and the various clues are deliberately contradictory. In the novel, the story is set in May 1972, not long after the conclusion of a stalemated war in Iran fought along conventional warfare lines similar to Korea (and which, unlike the Vietnam War, did not precipitate a major anti-war movement inside American society). Senator Prentice describes the peace treaty that ended the Iran war as the "summit conference in '70 that was supposed to settle the Iran business". The motion picture's year of reference is not stated, thus, while the seven days are distinctly displayed by the Pentagon's day/date indicator as MON MAY 12 through SUN MAY 18, those (at the time of filming in 1963 and release in early 1964) near-future dates would only occur in 1969, 1975 or 1980. Further indication of chronological revisionism occurs with the sign, "Preakness [held on the third Saturday in May] f...  



Burt Lancaster
General James Mattoon Scott
Kirk Douglas
Colonel Jiggs Casey
Martin Balsam
Paul Girard
Whit Bissell
Senator Fred Prentice
Helen Kleeb
Esther Townsend
George Macready
Chris Todd
Richard Anderson
Colonel Ben Murdock


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Seven Days in May
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