The Hallelujah Trail (1965)

165 min.
Plot  In the year 1867, signs that the approaching winter will be a hard one produce agitation in the burgeoning mining town of Denver, as the hard-drinking citizenry fear a shortage of whiskey. Taking advice from Oracle Jones (Donald Pleasence), a local guide and seer (but only when under the influence of alcohol), the populace arrange for a mass shipment, forty wagons full of whiskey, from the Wallingham Freighting Company. The wagon train heads out, under the direction of company owner Frank Wallingham (Brian Keith), who describes himself as a "taxpayer and a good Republican".

This cargo then becomes the target for several diverse groups, each with their own leaders and plans. Young Capt. Paul Slater (Jim Hutton) of the United States Cavalry is assigned by Fort Russell commander Col. Thaddeus Gearhart (Burt Lancaster) to escort the Wallingham Wagon Train, and merely wishes to carry out his orders. A group of Irish teamsters, hired as wagon drivers, wishes to strike unless whiskey...



Burt Lancaster
Colonel Thaddeus Gearhart
Lee Remick
Cora Templeton Massingale
Donald Pleasence
Oracle Jones
Whit Bissell
Helen Kleeb
Val Avery
The bartender in Denver


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The Hallelujah Trail
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