Fanfan (1993)

85 min.
Plot  Alexandre (Vincent Perez) is frustrated with his fiancé, Laure (Marine Delterme), whose idea of a romantic Valentine's Day gift is a pair of slippers. The passion and magic of their initial courtship has been replaced by routine and boredom. Needing to get away, Alexandre visits the beachfront cottage of his friends, Ti (Gérard Séty) and Maude (Micheline Presle). There he meets a beautiful young woman, Fanfan (Sophie Marceau), who is Maude's granddaughter and a student at Maude's school, studying to become a perfumer or ''Nose''. Although they sleep in the same bed that night, Alexandre avoids any physical contact.

The next day they are joined by Ti and Maude, who become confidants to their guests. Fanfan takes Alexandre to an old abandoned house where they learn more about each other in the quiet comfort of her childhood "hideout". Back at his apartment, Alexandre discovers his fiancé in the bedroom dressed as an Italian call girl, hoping the charade will excite his libido an...



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