The Caine Mutiny (1954)

124 min.
Plot  Callow, rich Ensign Willis Seward Keith (Robert Francis), reports for his first assignment aboard the ''Caine,'' which is homeported in Pearl Harbor. "Willie", as he is known by his fellow officers, is disappointed to find that the ''Caine'' is a small, battle-scarred destroyer-minesweeper. Its gruff captain, Lieutenant Commander William H. DeVriess (Tom Tully), has almost completely given up on discipline, and the crew has become slovenly and superficially undisciplined, although their performance is excellent. Keith has already met the executive officer, Lieutenant Stephen Maryk (Van Johnson), and is introduced to the communications officer, Lieutenant Thomas Keefer (Fred MacMurray), a novelist in civilian life. Keith has an opportunity to transfer from the ship to a more glamorous billet as an Admiral's aide, but decides to stay aboard. However, Keith remains frustrated with the ship's lack of discipline, despite his own shortcomings.

The captain is soon replaced by Lieuten...



Humphrey Bogart
Lieutenant Commander Philip Francis Queeg
José Ferrer
Lieutenant Barney Greenwald
Fred MacMurray
Lieutenant Tom Keefer
Tom Tully
Lieutenant Commander (William H.) DeVriess
E.G. Marshall
Lieutenant Commander Challee
Lee Marvin
Seaman / Petty Officer "Meatball"
Whit Bissell
Navy psychiatrist Lieutenant Commander Dickson (uncredited)


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The Caine Mutiny
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