Winter Sleep (2014)

8.42 / Rated by 7 people

196 min.
Plot  Ayd?n, a former actor, owns a mountaintop hotel in Cappadocia, as well as several properties which he rents out to local tenants. He leads a more idyllic life than most people around him in the region. Educated and wealthy, he spends his time writing columns for a local newspaper and researching the history of Turkish theater, of which he hopes to write a book someday.

One day, Ayd?n and his assistant Hidayet are driving down to the village when a stone shatters the window. It was thrown by ?lyas, the son of ?smail, one of Ayd?n's tenants who is several months behind in the rent. When Hidayet confronts the father, it turns out that Ayd?n's people had already sent a collection agency that took ?smail's television and refrigerator, with ?smail getting beaten up by the police for resisting. The situation escalates until ?smail’s brother Hamdi intervenes.

Hamdi, the eager-to-please local imam, brings the young ?lyas to Ayd?n in an attempt to make amends for the glass-breaking...



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Kis Uykusu
Turkish Original Title
Winter Sleep
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