Cold in July (2014)

110 min.
Plot  After being awakened by his wife Ann, who herself was startled by the noise of their front door window being broken, Richard Dane accidentally shoots an intruder. The intruder is identified by the police as Freddy Russell, apparently a wanted felon. Shaken by the experience, Richard attempts to move on with his life.

The day Freddy Russell is buried, Richard visits the cemetery where the deceased felon is being buried. Freddy's father Ben Russell, a paroled convict, is also there and accosts Richard in his car, making a veiled reference to his son.

The encounter alarms Richard who then immediately proceeds to pick up his son personally from school and arranges for his wife to meet him at the police station. Richard notes that Ben has followed him. He asks the police help but as nothing has actually happened yet, the police decline to do anything.

When their house broken into again, the police now grant his family official protection, and maintain a constant v...



Michael C. Hall
Richard Dane
Sam Shepard
Ben Russell
Don Johnson
Jim Bob Luke
Vinessa Shaw
Ann Dane
Nick Damici
Ray Price
Wyatt Russell
Lanny Flaherty
Jack Crow


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Cold in July
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