Ex Machina (2015)

7.83 / Rated by 14 people

Science Fiction
108 min.
Plot  Programmer Caleb Smith wins a one-week visit to the luxurious, isolated home of Nathan Bateman, the CEO of software company Blue Book. The only other person there is Nathan's servant Kyoko, who (Nathan says) does not speak English. Nathan has built a humanoid robot named Ava with artificial intelligence. Ava has already surpassed a simple Turing test; Nathan wants Caleb to judge whether Ava is genuinely capable of thought and consciousness, and whether he can relate to Ava despite knowing she is artificial.

Ava has a robotic body but a human-looking face, and is confined to her apartment. During their talks, Caleb grows close to her, and she expresses a romantic interest in him and a desire to experience the world outside. She can trigger power outages that temporarily shut down the surveillance system which Nathan uses to monitor their interactions, allowing them to speak privately. The power outages also trigger the building's security system, locking all the doors. During on...



Domhnall Gleeson
Caleb Smith
Oscar Isaac
Nathan Bateman
Corey Johnson
Jay the helicopter pilot


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