Southpaw (2015)

7.5 / Rated by 4 people

123 min.
Plot  Billy "The Great" Hope is an undefeated professional boxer living in New York City with his wife Maureen and their daughter Leila. During a match in which he defends his World Light Heavyweight title, Billy sustains an eye injury and is convinced by Maureen to retire while he's on top. After the match, at a press conference, an up-and-coming boxer, Miguel "Magic" Escobar taunts Billy and tries to get Billy to fight him. At a charity event for the orphanage where he and his wife both grew up, Escobar is in attendance, and as Billy is leaving, Escobar threatens he'll take Maureen away from him and his title, and while Maureen tells Billy to let it go and go home with her, Billy's anger gets the best of him, leading to a brawl in which Maureen is accidentally shot and killed by Miguel's brother Hector, who flees.

Billy begins abusing alcohol and drugs while obsessively searching for Hector. He eventually gets a tip of Hector's whereabouts but only finds Hector's drug-addicted wife ...



Jake Gyllenhaal
Billy "The Great" Hope
Forest Whitaker
Titus "Tick" Wills
Rachel McAdams
Maureen Hope
Naomie Harris
Angela Rivera
50 Cent
Jordan Mains
Rita Ora
Maria Escobar
Beau Knapp
Jon Jon


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