It's a Wonderful Life (1946)

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130 min.
Plot  In Bedford Falls, New York, on Christmas Eve 1945, George Bailey is suicidal. Prayers for him reach Heaven. Clarence Odbody, Angel 2nd Class, is assigned to save George in order to earn his angel wings. To prepare Clarence, his superior Joseph shows flashbacks of George's life.

At age 12, George saves his younger brother Harry, who fell through the ice on a pond, costing George the hearing in one ear. Later, he catches a potentially deadly mistake made by his boss the druggist, who was distracted by the news of the sudden death of his son. George waits for Harry to graduate from high school and replace him at the family business, the Bailey Brothers' Building and Loan, a longtime irritant to Henry F. Potter, the richest man in town.

On Harry's graduation night in 1928, George discusses his dreams to build things and travel with admiring classmate Mary Hatch. Suddenly, George's uncle, Billy, informs him that his father had a stroke. Following his father's death, George...



James Stewart
George Bailey
Donna Reed
Mary Hatch Bailey
Henry Travers
Angel Clarence Odbody


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It's a Wonderful Life
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