Sicario (2015)

8.07 / Rated by 8 people

121 min.
Plot  In Chandler, Arizona, FBI Agents Kate Macer (Emily Blunt) and Reggie Wayne (Daniel Kaluuya) lead a SWAT raid of a suspected Mexican cartel safehouse. Inside, the team discovers dozens of decaying corpses and a booby trap, which explodes and kills two police officers. Following the raid, Kate's boss, Dave Jennings (Victor Garber), recommends her for a joint DOD-CIA task force, overseen by CIA officer Matt Graver (Josh Brolin), to apprehend the Sonora Cartel lieutenant Manuel Díaz, the man responsible for the bombing.

On a plane to El Paso, Kate meets Matt's partner, Alejandro Gillick (Benicio del Toro). Joined by U.S. Marshals and DEA agents as well as Delta Force operators, the team travels to Juárez, Mexico to extradite one of Diaz's top men: Guillermo (Edgar Arreola). As the team returns to El Paso over the Bridge of the Americas, they are ambushed by cartel gunmen. The team swiftly kills the gunmen and returns safely to El Paso, where Matt and Alejandro torture Guillermo, lea...



Emily Blunt
Kate Macer
Benicio Del Toro
Alejandro Gillick
Josh Brolin
Matt Graver
Daniel Kaluuya
Reggie Wayne
Victor Garber
Dave Jennings
Jeffrey Donovan
Steve Forsing
Julio Cedillo
Fausto Alarcón


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