Sleeping with Other People (2015)

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101 min.
Plot  In 2002 Lainey (Alison Brie) causes a scene in a dorm. Taking pity on her as she is about to be kicked out by security, Jake (Jason Sudeikis) claims her as his guest. He learns that Lainey was there in order to lose her virginity to her T.A. Matt (Adam Scott) who Jake thinks is the most boring guy in the world. Lainey eventually realizes that Jake is also a virgin. The two sleep together.

In the present Lainey breaks up with her long-term boyfriend Sam after telling him she has been cheating on him. On the advice of her therapist she attends a love addicts meeting where she runs into Jake who is there because of his inability to be involved in committed relationships. Lainey, who has been having an off-and-on-again relationship with Matt the entire time learns that he is engaged. On the advice of a friend she contacts Jake. The two go on one date where they confess their sexual problems to one another. At the end of the date Jake confesses that he wants to sleep with her. Lainey...



Alison Brie
Amanda Peet
Adam Scott
Dr. Matthew Sobvechik
Marc Blucas
Daniella Pineda


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Sleeping with Other People
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