The Ridiculous 6 (2015)

120 min.
Plot  In the Old West era, a calm man named Tommy Stockburn (Sandler) is raised by Native Americans, where he is named "White Knife", due to his tendency to use knives. He is due to marry a Native girl named Smoking Fox (Jones). He has a run-in with a gang of bandits with eye patches on their right eyes, led by Will Patch (Forte), and manages to outsmart them and a deranged, Native American-racist food proprietor named Clem (Zahn), whose left eye is badly dysfunctional. At his Native village a bank robber named Frank Stockburn (Nolte) comes by, claiming to be Tommy's biological father. Tommy explains to Frank that his mother was shot by a silhouetted man with tattoos on his hand when she was escorting him to school during his childhood, something that has haunted his dreams since. Frank also tells Tommy that he is dying of consumption, but that he has amassed $50,000 and buried it in a meadow next to a pine tree, which he offers to Tommy and the Natives. The next day, a group of bandits with...  



Adam Sandler
Tommy "White Knife" Stockburn
Terry Crews
Chico Stockburn
Jorge Garcia
Herm Stockburn
Taylor Lautner
Lil' Pete Stockburn
Rob Schneider
Ramon Stockburn
Luke Wilson
Danny Stockburn
Nick Nolte
Frank Stockburn
Will Forte
Will Patch
Nick Swardson
Nelly Patch
Steve Zahn
Julia Jones
Smoking Fox
Lavell Crawford
Gus Patch
Danny Trejo
Harvey Keitel
Smiley Harris
Steve Buscemi
Doc Griffin
David Spade
General Custer
Whitney Cummings
Jon Lovitz
Ezekiel Grant
Norm MacDonald
Nugget Customer
Chris Parnell
William the Bank Manager
John Turturro
Abner Doubleday
Vanilla Ice
Mark Twain
Dan Patrick
Abraham Lincoln
Chris Kattan
John Wilkes Booth


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The Ridiculous 6
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