The Invitation (2015)

8.0 / Rated by 1 people

100 min.
Plot  Will drives with his new girlfriend Kira to the Hollywood Hills home of his ex-wife Eden, who is hosting a dinner party with her new husband David. Will and Eden divorced while trying to cope with their young son Ty's accidental death. Eden met David at a grief-support group, and their party will be the first time any of their friends have seen the couple in over two years. On the way, Will strikes and mercy-kills a coyote.

Will and Kira arrive. David and Eden's other dinner guests are Tommy, Tommy's boyfriend Miguel, and friends Ben, Claire, and Gina. Gina mentions that their other friend Choi is running late. Eden introduces Sadie, a girl she and David met while in Mexico who now stays with them.

Throughout the evening, Will wanders his former home alone and relives memories related to Ty's death, including Eden's attempted suicide. In the kitchen, Will witnesses Eden slap Ben when he makes a joke about her New-Age ideas on expelling pain. Eden and David's mysterious fr...



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The Invitation
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