Blair Witch (2016)

5.0 / Rated by 1 people

89 min.
Plot  In 2014, James Donahue finds a video on YouTube containing an image of a woman he believes to be his sister Heather who disappeared in 1994 near Burkittsville while investigating the legend of the Blair Witch. Believing she is still alive, he heads into the woods, accompanied by friends Peter Jones, Ashley Bennett, and film student Lisa Arlington, who wants to film James' search for her documentary, ''The Absence of Closure''. Locals Talia and Lane join them.

Upon setting up camp for the night, Lane and Talia discuss the disappearance of Heather's film crew, and other mysterious occurrences, which they ascribe to the Blair Witch. After hearing noises during the night, the group awakens to find strange stick figures hanging from the trees. Unnerved, they elect to leave. Lisa notices twine in Lane's backpack and both he and Talia are banished after admitting to creating the figures in order to convince the group to leave, given that there had been strange noises during the night a...



James Allen McCune
James Donahue
Callie Hernandez
Lisa Arlington


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