The Assignment  (2016)

5.0 / Rated by 1 people

95 min.
Plot  Dr. Rachel Jane (Sigourney Weaver) is a rogue plastic surgeon with a twisted vision of a better world. After losing her medical license, she began an illegal practice and performed unwanted surgical experiments on impoverished homeless people. The film is split between a present day timeline in which she has been institutionalized and her condition is being assessed by Dr. Ralph Galen (Tony Shalhoub), and a second timeline two years into the past.

Three years prior, Jane’s brother Sebastian was murdered by professional killer Frank Kitchen (Michelle Rodriguez). After discovering Frank’s identity, Dr. Jane hires Honest John Baconian (Anthony LaPaglia) to double-cross him. Seeking revenge, but also seeing an opportunity to assess how much physical identity matters, Jane performs gender reassignment surgery on Frank and turns him into a woman.

Horrified by his new appearance, Frank has a mental breakdown. Finding a box in the room with hormones and a tape recorder, Frank dis...



Michelle Rodriguez
Frank Kitchen / Tomboy
Sigourney Weaver
Dr. Rachel Jane
Tony Shalhoub
Dr. Ralph Galen
Anthony LaPaglia
Honest John Hartunian
Terry Chen
Dr. Lin
Paul McGillion
Paul Wincott
Caitlin Gerard
Zak Santiago
Edward Gonzalez


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The Assignment
English Title
Tomboy, a Revenger's Tale
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United States




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