Smurfs: The Lost Village (2017)

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90 min.
Plot  In Smurf Village, the Smurfs live peacefully among themselves. Their leader is the wise and elderly, if a bit overprotective, Papa Smurf. Most of the Smurfs include the klutsy and slow-witted Clumsy Smurf, the intelligent and eccentric Brainy Smurf, the strong and gutsy Hefty Smurf and the beautiful Smurfette, who feels out of place in Smurf Village as the only girl. Smurfette was created by the villainous wizard Gargamel but was redeemed by Papa Smurf and became part of the village. Gargamel makes it his mission to capture the Smurfs, steal all of their essence, and become the most powerful wizard in the world.

After a fun day with Clumsy, Brainy and Hefty, Smurfette sees a blue creature hidden by a leaf and follows it straight into the forbidden forest, where Papa Smurfs restricts the Smurfs from entering, believing the creature to be a Smurf. She loses sight of the creature but she, Clumsy, Brainy, and Hefty, who followed Smurfette, discover a map that was dropped by the poss...



Demi Lovato
Smurfette (voice only)
Joe Manganiello
Hefty Smurf (voice only)
Jack McBrayer
Clumsy Smurf (voice only)
Danny Pudi
Brainy Smurf (voice only)
Mandy Patinkin
Papa Smurf (voice only)
Rainn Wilson
Gargamel (voice only)
Julia Roberts
Smurf Willow (voice only)
Michelle Rodriguez
Smurf Storm (voice only)
Ellie Kemper
Smurf Blossom (voice only)
Ariel Winter
Smurf Lily (voice only)
Jake Johnson
Grouchy Smurf (voice only)
Kelly Asbury
Nosey Smurf (voice only)


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Smurfs: The Lost Village
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