War for the Planet of the Apes (2017)

7.88 / Rated by 4 people

140 min.
Plot  Two years after the events of ''Dawn'', Caesar's clan is at war with the human military faction known as Alpha-Omega. Caesar's clan hides in the woods, and Caesar offers the humans peace if they will leave his clan alone. This conflict has become further complicated as various apes, including the gorilla Red (a former follower of Koba), have joined Alpha-Omega after being annoyed with Caesar's leadership, due to his mercy. Learning that Alpha-Omega follows the leadership of a mysterious Colonel, Caesar makes plans to relocate the clan across the desert. The night before their journey, the ape home is attacked and Caesar's wife Cornelia and eldest son Blue Eyes are slain by the Colonel, leaving only Caesar's youngest son Cornelius alive.

Leaving Cornelius in the care of Lake, the mate of his lost son, Caesar departs to confront the Colonel, accompanied only by Maurice, Luca and Rocket, while the other apes head for the desert. Confronting traitorous albino ape Winter, they learn ...



Andy Serkis
Caesar (motion capture & voice)
Steve Zahn
"Bad Ape" (motion capture & voice)
Karin Konoval
Maurice (motion capture & voice)
Ty Olsson
Red (motion capture & voice)
Judy Greer
Cornelia (motion capture & voice)
Sara Canning
Lake (motion capture & voice)
Woody Harrelson
The Colonel


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War for the Planet of the Apes
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