The Favourite (2018)

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120 min.
Plot  The English royal court in the early 18th century is characterized by intrigue, envy and betrayal. England is at war with the French, and a frail Queen Anne (Colman) sits on the throne. She has a secret relationship with her confidant, adviser, and secret lover Sarah Churchill (Weisz), the Duchess of Marlborough, who effectively ruled the country from the sidelines in her place and by confidences instructed the queen what to do. Sarah's efforts at controlling the Queen become impeded, however, by the influential landowner Robert Harley, who is responsible for bringing in the state taxes for the war.

After the arrival of her younger cousin, Abigail Hill (Stone), Sarah takes her under her wing. Abigail's history, however, is tainted by her father who has not only gambled away his good name, but he had previously also handed over his daughter to settle his debts to a German, where she grew up. Initially, Abigail does menial work in the castle, but she does so with grace and charm...



Olivia Colman
Queen Anne
Emma Stone
Abigail Masham
Rachel Weisz
Sarah Churchill
Nicholas Hoult
Robert Harley
Joe Alwyn
Samuel Masham
Mark Gatiss
John Churchill


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