The Current War (2017)

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107 min.
Plot  It is 1880 and Thomas Edison has unveiled his electric lightbulb and has decided on Direct Current (DC) which is cheaper and cleaner than gaslight but it is limited in range and expensive. George Westinghouse a successful business man and inventor himself, wishes to learn more, and invites Edison to dinner. After being snubbed by Edison, Westinghouse sets out to prove Alternating Current (AC) is the better technology as it can work over greater distances and at significantly lower cost. Edison and Westinghouse compete to get cities across the United States to use their system. Brilliant inventor Nikola Tesla arrives in the United States and begins working with Edison, but is disappointed by Edison's unwillingness to reconsider his ideas and to fulfill what Tesla thought was a financial promise which Edison passes off as just a joke. Tesla then leaves Edison's team. Edison fiercely guards his patents and sues Westinghouse.

Edison suggests that AC is dangerous and engages in a ...



Benedict Cumberbatch
Thomas Edison
Michael Shannon
George Westinghouse
Nicholas Hoult
Nikola Tesla
Katherine Waterston
Marguerite Erskine Walker
Tom Holland
Samuel Insull
Simon Manyonda
Lewis Latimer
Stanley Townsend
Franklin Pope
Tuppence Middleton
Mary Stilwell Edison
Matthew Macfadyen
J. P. Morgan
Conor MacNeill
William Kemmler
Damien Molony
Bourke Cockran
John Schwab
Rudolph Young


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The Current War
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