The Woman Who Dreamed of a Man (2010)

Plot  Karen (Sonja Richter), a successful Danish fashion photographer is working so constantly that she has little time for her husband (Michael Nyqvist) and daughter. When she spies a handsome man on the street in Paris, she feels an electric attraction that changes her life. Maciek (Marcin Doroci?ski) is a Warsaw School of Economics professor visiting from Poland, and she pursues him relentlessly, even going so far as to follow him all the way to Warsaw and ensconcing herself in an apartment right across the street from the apartment where he lives with his wife and family. While Maciek initially encourages the romance, he soon tires of Karen and tries to extricate himself from the relationship.




All Titles

Kvinden der drømte om en mand
Danish Original Title
The Woman Who Dreamed of a Man
English Title
The Woman That Dreamed About a Man
English Title

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